Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Dethroning World Series royalty

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals
Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers continue to blaze a path through their schedule as they pick up five more wins. The Rangers finally won a series against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. The last time that the Rangers did that was back in 2018. That is a very big accomplishment since it's hard to pick up a series win in Houston nowadays.

The Rangers then went to Kansas City and picked up another series win where the bats came alive in each game. I just feel bad for the Royals fans for what they had to watch this week as the Rangers had a hitting clinic showing why they are in first place in the AL West right now. I know most of these wins came against a team that wasn't in the playoffs last season and that's something to consider right now. However, it's great watching these Rangers succeed on the field right now.

Honorary first flight of the Peagle

The Rangers will be debuting their Nike City Connect uniforms on April 21st and 22nd this weekend. Fans can also pick up a limited edition poster featuring the Peagle which is on the sleeve of the uniforms at the game tonight. You can purchase them outside of the gift shop for 25 dollars. All proceeds from the poster will go towards the Texas Rangers Foundation.

Frisco Roughriders 20th anniversary surprise

The Frisco RoughRiders are celebrating their 20th anniversary this season on Sundays at Dr. Pepper Ballpark. They are bringing a fan favorite back this season that they used to have in the past. No, it's not Derek Holland or Ian Kinsler putting on the uniform and playing. It's the RoughRider that used to walk around the warning track before games. This is a cool addition to celebrating a wonderful 20 years in Frisco this season.

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who's hot

Marcus Semien

To all the fans who complained about Marcus Semien not doing well at the beginning of the season, you owe him an apology. Semien had a heck of a week hitting home runs for the Rangers. He hit three home runs this past week and racked up a total of 11 RBIs. When Corey Seager went down with an injury, the Rangers needed a bat to provide some offense. Semien definitely jumped into that role and hopefully, it continues.

Evan Carter

It's a travesty that Evan Carter is stuck down in Double-A right now. He had another fantastic week for the RoughRiders hitting homers and this amazing rally down below that he started. Don't be shocked if he is moved up to Triple-A soon to see if he can continue the magic. I also wouldn't be shocked if he ends up on the Ranger's 40-man roster sometime after July 4th.

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who's not hot

Jack Leiter

Jack Leiter is having a bad start to his 2023 season. After three games this year, his ERA is up to 5.27 which isn't very good. He still comes in and throws his usual strikeouts but he can't seem to get over getting past the four innings a game. While it's still early in the season he has a chance to improve and help Frisco win some games. I just don't know how much longer the Rangers are going to wait to see if he becomes what he was at Vanderbilt.

Adolis Garcia

While his bat has been on fire for the Rangers this week, Adolis Garcia continues to make errors in the outfield. There was a ball in Kansas City that he could have caught clean but misjudged it. I think it would be smart if we considered making Garcia a designated hitter down the road. I don't want his bat to leave the Ranger's lineup, but misjudging his catch in the outfield is a different story.

Texas Rangers Upcoming Schedule

April 21st-23rd Home Vs Oakland Athletics

April 24th-26th Away vs Cincinnati Reds