Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Rangers hit a wall in Chicago

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers
Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

After all the years of being in the basement in the AL West, the Texas Rangers find themselves in the first place. It's such a good sign to see that in the second week of the season with all the hard work they put in at Spring Training. You can also see Bruce Bochy's experience as a manager flow through this lineup. While there is tons of baseball left to play, let's sit back and enjoy first place right now.

The Rangers took their first road trip of the season out to Chicago so the Cubs could enjoy their Opening Day festivities. It was a rough series as there were tons of flaws by the Rangers on the field. Bruce Bochy even expressed his frustrations after the Rangers committed five errors on April 8th. The Rangers were able to turn it around after that and have a successful home stand against the Royals.

Before we get to the Who's Hot and Who's Not Hot list, I want to address something that happened this week at the ballpark. It's about the new ballpark rule concerning alcohol. I'm sure you saw that they extended the alcohol purchase limit to the 8th inning. The first night that this went into effect, Texas Rangers In-Game Host Hannah Wing was hit exiting the ballpark by a drunk driver.

I'm not here to lecture you on whether you should drink or not. If you plan to drink a lot of beer or wine at the ballpark, there are other options to get you to and from the game. Consider getting an Uber or Lyft to and from the stadium. The last thing that I want to see is a drunk driver hit a curve and hit fans exiting the stadium to get home. We can all enjoy Rangers baseball while drinking alcohol, we just got to do it responsibly.

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who's Hot List

Andrew Heaney

Andrew Heaney really changed everyone's opinions about him in his second start as a Texas Ranger. He tied an American League record with ten consecutive strikeouts in a row. This is the Andrew Heaney we all expected when we signed him this offseason. We need more outings like this from him this year. You can watch all of his strikeouts down below if you missed the game.

Travis Jankowski

Travis "Thor" Jankowski really rejuvenated the offense when Bochy decided to start him in the outfield. In the last seven games, he's had five hits, four RBIs, and two stolen bases. His batting average last week was .333 which is really good. Bochy was smart to start him and I can't wait to see Thor hammer in some more RBIs (I'll see myself out).

Texas Rangers Weekly Report: Who's Not Hot

Adolis Garcia

Adolis Garcia has been doing well at the plate so that's why he is not on this list this week. The reason why he is on this list is due to his fielding. I watched him make so many botched catches in the outfield this past week that allowed Chicago to win the series against the Rangers. He is got to do better as an outfielder. We don't need another Nelson Cruz botched catch if we make the playoffs this season. He did however hit a grand slam

Corey Seager

The gasp that was heard around the world this week. Cory Seager pulled his hamstring going around first on Tuesday against the Royals and you could hear a pin drop at Globe Life Field. You could tell it was serious when Bochy told Josh Smith to throw his helmet on and take his place on base. Seager will be out a month as he recovers from his hamstring injury. His offense will be definitely missed this month.

Texas Rangers Upcoming Schedule

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