The 4 Texas Rangers who deserve to be voted into the All Star Game.

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Major League Baseball opened up the All-Star game voting on Wednesday. This is the first round of voting and it will last until June 22nd. If you want to vote this link will take you to the All-Star ballot. At that point finalists will be announced and the starters will be elected in voting that will occur from June 26th-June 29th. The Texas Rangers are the second-best team in the American League and if fans vote they will have players represented at every position in the finals. I want to go over the case for these four Texas Rangers and why they deserve to be voted into the All-Star game in Seattle next month. I will say I think more than four deserve to be there, but these four players have the best case to be voted in as starters for the All-Star game.

Vote for Jonah Heim

Jonah Heim was a snub last season after he had a great offensive first half. He was left off in favor of his former teammate Jose Trevino. Heim has increased his offensive production this season and is not taking a back seat to anybody this season. Heim is the best all-around catcher in the American League.

Heim this season offensively has been a top 3 catcher right behind Adley Rutschman and Salvador Perez. No one in the American League has played as many games as his 44 at catcher this season. He is just now coming out of a slump. He still leads all catchers in RBI's and has a .370 batting average with runners on base. Finally, Heim is the starting catcher of the first-place Texas Rangers. He handles a starting pitching staff that has the second best ERA in the major leagues.

There is no reason why he should be snubbed this season. The offensive numbers are there, the defensive numbers are there, and the team is winning. Fans need to be voting as much as they can and make sure that Heim is not left out of the game this season.

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