The 4 Texas Rangers who deserve to be voted into the All Star Game.

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Vote for Adolis Garcia

The case for Garcia to be voted in among other American League outfielders is strong. He still leads the American League in RBI's. He is top three in home runs. He has evolved his game to be more patient at the plate and has 19 walks on the season. He is looking to go back to the All Star game. He was chosen as a reserve back in 2021.

Garcia is much better at home than on the road and the Rangers are entering a month where they will play a majority of their games at home. Expect his numbers to climb back up this month. He has 10 home runs just at home and four on the road. I expect in June that he he will have a great month and there will be no question that Garcia is an All-Star.

Garcia has become a true fan favorite for the Rangers. His 5-5, 3 home-run game back in April will go down as one of the best individual nights in Texas Rangers history. His play in the outfield speaks for itself. He plays with a passion that is contagious among his teammates and fans alike. Fans need to back up their love of Garcia by voting for him as much and as often as they can.

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