The 5 Moments that put the Texas Rangers into the 2023 World Series

This improbable run from the wild card to the World Series had many twists and turns, and these moments are the reason why they are still playing deep into October.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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#5 Corey Seager's Solo home run in game 7

Game seven is normally when the best players step to the front and take charge. Corey Seager had been missing in action the first six games. Not literally of course, but his production was far lower than what he did in the regular season. The issue Seager had through six games was an inability to get on top of pitches at the top of the zone. He had numerous weak pop ups and fly outs through six games. Texas had somehow managed to win three games in the series without his normal production.

Texas needed Seager to show up in game seven if they were going to win. It did not take long for Seager to make his presence known. He came up in the first inning against Cristian Javier and hit a massive home run.

There was emotion behind that home run for someone who regulary plays with no emotion. He rounded the bases and celebrated with his teammates. It was a great moment in Seager's career and got Texas on the board first. That helped everyone relax. Texas would add two more runs in the first and end up winning 11-4. Seager's home run lifted a burden off of his shoulders. He ended up having his best game of the series. He added two more hits including a double to this three-hit night.

Texas needed each of these moments and more to get to this point. There will be many more in the coming days during the World Series. Now it is time to move past what has happened and plan for what will happen. The 2023 World Series is upon us and Texas has a great opportunity to end their World Series drought.

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