The case for former Texas Ranger Adrian Beltre to make the Hall of Fame

It may seem like it is an open and shut case for Beltre to make the Hall of Fame, but that was not always the case.
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Beltre's Hall of Fame level defense

The offensive numbers alone would be enough to get him elected. Beltre was also one of the best defenders at the position as well. He did all of that while being undersized to play the position. He brought an athleticism to third base that was not normal. Beltre was 5'11 and played a gold glove-level defense at a position where Scott Rolen at 6'4 was considered one of the best of all time.

Beltre played excellent defense by having excellent anticipation, quick reactions, and a very strong arm. His ability to come in on bunts and make accurate and strong throws to first was unlike anything ever seen at the position.

Beltre in his 21-year career won the Gold Glove award five times including three times with the Rangers. He had a .960 fielding percentage and played his entire career at third base. He was not moved to DH late in his career. He was still going out there and playing in the field until the very end of his career in 2018. 2,759 games at third base in his career and that does not include the postseason games he played at the position. He finished with a 27.0 defensive WAR which ranks 15th all-time and the only primary third baseman in front of him on that list is Brooks Robinson.

Beltre with this induction will join a list of the best third basemen of all time. It will certainly be a deserved honor for someone who gave it all he had for 21-years. He played the game with a passion that was contagious among his teammates. His connection with Elvis Andrus on the left side of the infield elevated the play of both players. It will almost certainly lead to Beltre receiving a call that only the legendary players in the game receive. When he does receive that call it will almost assuredly come as a result of what he accomplished in a Texas Rangers uniform.

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