The Texas Rangers have a problem ending losing streaks

The season's home stretch is here, and Texas continues to have an issue that could cause them to miss the playoffs.
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
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Why is this happening to the Texas Rangers?

I do not know if there is one reason that explains. I do think there are several reasons. First, injuries have clearly played a part. deGrom has missed nearly this entire season and will likely miss much of the 2024 season as well. Nathan Eovaldi did not pitch for most of this second half and is still being stretched out. Max Scherzer has pitched well, but for most of this month was complaining of forearm tightness and then went down with a shoulder muscle injury. They are missing players who are known as pitchers who stop losing streaks.

The second reason is the bullpen. The starting rotation is talented, but at this point cannot be relied upon to pitch more than six or seven innings. The bullpen continues to fail to close out games that would have ended losing streaks. That was the case on Saturday where Texas held a 1-0 lead in the eighth inning and the bullpen allowed two runs and Cleveland closed out the game in the ninth. Evan Grant had this stat on Monday night after the blown save cost Texas the game against the Red Sox.

That is a remarkable level of failure in the bullpen. It goes to show that this team can only win baseball games currently when the offense performs at a high level and keeps the bullpen from having to save a close game. If it is close late it is more likely than not that Texas will lose that game. That is maybe the biggest reason why this team is unable to easily end losing streaks.

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