The Texas Rangers show their love to newly elected Hall of Famer Adrian Beltre

It was not just a call that Beltre received yesterday, it was flowers of appreciation sent by the team and fans. The love that both had for Beltre was on full-display after the announcement.
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The fans show their appreciation to Adrian Beltre

The Adrian Beltre signing at first was questioned by some fans including myself back in 2011. I don't know if I truly recognized how skilled Beltre was at third base. I did not understand how good he was at the plate. That all changed once the 2011 season began and I began to watch him on a daily basis and I am sure the same applies to most fans like myself. Beltre became an instant fan favorite. Texas Rangers fans showed their appreciation to Beltre not long after the announcement was made.

That was all in response to the Texas Rangers tweet recognizing Adrian Beltre. So much love for the former resident of the hot corner. Texas Ranger' fans loved the joy that was the driving force in his game. They loved the big hits that he produced throughout his career. They loved the plays he made on bunts down the third baseline and how cat-like his reactions were at third. I don't know if any Texas Rangers fans were asked about their favorite Adrian Beltre memory if they could name just one. I am sure most would have probably as many as five or more plays that they remember.

I would go back to how on infield pop flies he would sometimes stand directly behind Andrus looking as if he was going to catch the ball. I would think back to the home runs from his knees as he would get under those low pitches and drive them out of the ballpark. I would think back to the number of times teammates tried to touch his head and he would react. I would think back to his relationship with Felix Hernandez and every time they would face each other and their reactions after the at-bat. I would think back to the cycles with an "S" that Beltre hit while in a Texas Rangers uniform. I would think back to the three-home runs he hit in game four of the 2011 ALDS. Beltre did not start his career in Texas, but he did finish it in Texas. In his eight seasons in Arlington he made memories that will last a lifetime for Texas Rangers fans.

Congratulations to the newly-elected Hall-of-Famer Adrian Beltre. The third Texas Rangers player to be elected on the first ballot.

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