The three moves the Texas Rangers should make in case they do not get Shohei Ohtani.

No team has repeated as World Series champion this century, but if Texas makes these three moves they will give themselves a good chance to repeat.
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#2- Fill the DH vacancy with someone much cheaper than Ohtani

If for whatever reason the Rangers don't re-sign Mitch Garver, it would be advantageous to go get another power bat to fill that DH slot. Cody Bellinger likely isn't a realistic option given that he will be pretty expensive and will likely command a long-term deal as an outfielder- an area the Rangers are already pretty stacked in especially with Wyatt Langford waiting in the wings.

There are a few pure power bats who could fill that DH role well while commanding less money and shorter-term deals. Guys like Jorge Soler or Lourdes Gurriel Jr. stick out to fill that role. Soler had 36 homers and an .853 OPS while Gurriel Jr. had 24 home runs with a .772 OPS. Both would command similar money to Garver in the ballpark of 10-14 million per year.