The three moves the Texas Rangers should make in case they do not get Shohei Ohtani.

No team has repeated as World Series champion this century, but if Texas makes these three moves they will give themselves a good chance to repeat.
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#3 Get the best closer on the market and add to the bullpen depth

The next priority is pretty simple. Go get Josh Hader. Hader is newly a free agent and the biggest closer on the market this off-season. His career ERA is 2.50 which includes a staggering 1.28 on the 2023 season. He is the kind of dominant, late-game pitcher that would make this Rangers team incredibly dangerous going into the 2024 season. He is also the kind of pitcher the Rangers desperately needed in the regular season on the way to blowing 33 saves. While Josh Sborz and Jose Leclerc both emerged as quality high-leverage options during the postseason, adding a dominant arm in Josh Hader would quickly turn what was seen as a weakness for the Rangers in 2023, to a major strength in 2024.

The 2024 Texas Rangers could also benefit from adding another middle relief arm to bolster the bullpen's depth. This team struggled to find reliability in the middle innings if the starter was not able to provide a long outing. There is a less clear option to go with here for the Rangers, but there are solid names out there in Nick Martinez, Joe Kelly, or even a familiar face in Matt Moore. These guys wouldn't be huge difference makers, but they bring quality arms that could help the Rangers have more depth to eat the middle innings when needed.

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