The top 5 offseason stories for the Texas Rangers

Football season is finally over and now it is time for baseball season. To get ready for spring training lets look back at what were the biggest stories for the Texas Rangers this offseason.
Adrian Beltre Press Conference
Adrian Beltre Press Conference / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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4. Offseason Injury News for the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers played a total of 179 games in the 2023 season. It was not a surprise when the season ended and the parade was celebrated that players would have minor and major injuries to recover from. Jonah Heim was thought to need wrist surgery once the season ended, but he avoided that with rest. Other players were not so lucky.

Max Scherzer was hoping to avoid back surgery on the injury he suffered in the World Series. He tried to rest the back in hopes that it would heal on its own. Midway through December it was determined Scherzer would need surgery. The procedure was successful and Scherzer will now be out till probably around midseason. He did announce at Fanfest that he has passed the six-week checkpoint and will be starting workouts soon. He was not the only one who had to undergo surgery.

Corey Seager unbeknownst to fans and media alike was dealing with a sports hernia injury throughout the World Series. It would have been hard to tell from how he played as he won the World Series MVP for the second time in his career. He was prescribed an offseason of rest to heal from that injury. In January as spring training was drawing closer he decided to undergo sports hernia surgery. Chris Young announced that he will likely miss about half of spring training. The hope is that there will still be enough time for Seager to be ready for Opening Day.

Other players like newly-signed Tyler Mahle and Jacob deGrom are recovering from Tommy John surgeries and will not be back till midseason or later. Other than those players Texas enters spring training relatively healthy. The lineup outside of Seager will enter camp fully healthy. The top four of the rotation should all be healthy. It is one thing to enter camp healthy it is another thing to make it to Opening Day healthy.