There is a new Nolan in the Texas Rangers organization

Sports Contributor Archive 2018
Sports Contributor Archive 2018 / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The name Nolan Ryan is legendary around Texas. The number of kids that have been named after the larger-than-life farm kid from Alvin, turned strikeout king, has got to be off the charts. Just in my small circle of friends, there is more than a few sons that carry the name, Nolan. There is a reason that our website is named Nolan Writin. He embodies a toughness that runs deep within the Rangers organization.

Recently there has been another Nolan added to the mix. Jacob deGrom and his wife Stacey welcomed their third child into the world recently. As deGrom rejoined the club for the first time since having Tommy John surgery, he revealed some exciting news. The deGrom's named their new son, Nolan Myles deGrom.

Early in my life I didn't give much thought to the meaning of names. As I have matured and looked into it more, I am a huge advocate for naming kids not only names that sound good, but that also have a solid meaning. I have gotten to the point that I don't even name a new horse or dog without first looking up the meaning of the name. The last thing I want is a horse that has a name that means something like stubborn or crazy. The deGrom's chose well, as Nolan and Myles both have great meanings.

The name Nolan means...wait for it...champion. It seems obvious now, but what a cool name meaning. Not only is the youngest deGrom carrying the name of the historic face of the Rangers' franchise, but he is literally already a champion. That is really cool. And Myles is no slouch of a name either. It has a meaning of soldier or merciful depending on its origin. Whether deGrom's new son ever plays baseball, or instead goes a different direction, he is destined for greatness.

Nolan Myles deGrom has a really nice ring to it. It is a strong name, and one that carries some serious weight in Texas. Perhaps we will get to see him take the mound in Arlington sometime in the future. But even if that never comes to fruition, there is no doubt that he will do great things. Congratulations, Jacob and Stacey, on the new addition.