Three features that you need to check out at Globe Life Field this season

Philadelphia Phillies v Texas Rangers
Philadelphia Phillies v Texas Rangers / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for some Texas Rangers baseball. The 2023 season kicked off yesterday as the Texas Rangers hosted the 2022 National League Champs, the Philadelphia Phillies. With every new baseball season comes new features at Globe Life Field. Here are some noteworthy features that you should look for when you come to Globe Life Field this season.

Globe Life Field Features: Texas Rangers Poster Series

The Rangers have brought back their Poster Series this season. Throughout the year they will be selling Texas Rangers Posters outside section 134 at the Rangers Authentics booth right outside the team apparel store. They cost $25 and all the net proceeds go to the Texas Rangers Foundation. Artist Tyler Upchurch created the 2023 Opening Day poster that they were selling at the game. Keep an eye on social media for when the next poster will be up for sale.

Globe Life Field Features: The Food

There are a lot of new foods for sale at the ballpark this season and one of them impressed Rangers Reporter Evan Grant. Let’s start off with the Boomstick Burger which is a new variation based on the Boomstick Hot Dog. The Burger is the same length as the hot dog and you can cut it to share with your friends.

Another one is the Flaming Hot Cheetos Pretzel. It’s a jumbo pretzel with grinded-up Cheeto crumbs on top of it. There was a person in my section at the game yesterday that tried it and immediately got up to get some water. If you are not a fan of spicy foods, I would stay away from this.

Let’s get to the food that had Grant buzzing on Twitter about, the Hurtado beef rib. Hurtado Barbecue is new at the ballpark this year and they have a huge beef rib for sale. It costs $45 and it's a huge beef rib piece. Grant said on Twitter it’s the best 45 dollars that you will spend at any ballpark. Yesterday, they had a huge line of people wanting to try out their barbecue. If you want to try Hurtado's, expect to wait in line for a bit.

Globe Life Field Features: Mobile food ordering

This is probably the coolest feature at the ballpark this season that fans should try out. You have to use the MLB Ballpark App on your mobile phone to order food. It asks you to enter where you are sitting at the ballpark and it shows a limited selection of what you can order and get delivered to your seat. I got it set up on my phone but couldn’t order anything with everyone trying to use the feature. It’s got some kinks in it right now but with the new pitch clock rules, you can order food without missing any Rangers baseball.

It was an amazing start to the Rangers 2023 season yesterday and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the ballpark yesterday. With all the home games this season, keep an eye out for all of these features the next time you are at Globe Life Field.