Three Texas Rangers Players that will Make or Break this Season

The Texas Rangers seem to be rolling on all cylinders. However, with the a month and a half left of baseball these three players may determine just how far the team goes.
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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Player 1: Corey Seager

One player who greatly drives the team's success is Seager. The former four-time all-star is hitting .350 this season. He has hit 73 RBIs, 22 home runs, and 32 doubles. Tuesday night, Seager had two home runs and 5 RBIs in the game.

Currently, he is in the race for the American League MVP. According to Fox Sports, he has the third-best odds to take home the award. Players ahead of him include Shohei Ohtani and Kyle Tucker.

This isn't bad for a player who has missed a good part of the season. In April, he missed some time because of a left hamstring strain. This caused him to miss some time as he struggled to turn the bases. In July, he sprained his right thumb after sliding into a base.

In 2021, Texas signed Seager to a 10-year $325 million dollar contract. This was the largest contract in team history.

He struggled in his first season with the team. In 151 games, he batted .245 and had 145 hits. Currently, he is on pace to exceed that, as he has 106 hits.

If Texas can get the 2020 version of Seager, then there is no doubt Texas has a chance to go far in the postseason. Seager will have an impact on the future.