Top 4 all-time Texas Rangers Home Run Derby performances

Adolis Garcia will make it three straight years that a different Rangers' slugger has participated in the Home Run Derby.
1989 MLB AllStar Game - National League v American League
1989 MLB AllStar Game - National League v American League / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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#4 Nelson Cruz - 2009

Nelson Cruz is one of two Rangers players to finish as runner-up in the Home Run Derby. He did so in 2009 when he was beaten out in the finals by the Milwaukee Brewers' Prince Fielder (who would become a Ranger before the 2014 season).

Cruz started the contest with 11 home runs in the first round. This effort tied Fielder for the most to open the competition. He had the least of the four hitters in the second round with five bombs, but his cumulative total from rounds one and two were just enough to land him in the finals.

Fielder would best Cruz by one in the finals, six home runs to five. It was a valiant effort by Cruz and one that allowed him to be part of this historical Texas Rangers list. It is ironic that this HR Derby took place in St. Louis, at Busch Stadium. One of Nelly's top Rangers moments took place in the stadium that two years later would play host to a moment Rangers fans will perhaps never quite forget.

#3 Ruben Sierra - 1989

The 1989 edition of the HR Derby was held at Anaheim Stadium and included an evenly matched four American League hitters versus four National League players. There was just one round, and the person with the most home runs would be the winner.

This season was a repeat of the 1986 version, as there was a tie atop the leaderboard. In 1986, Wally Joyner and Darryl Strawberry tied with four home runs. In 1989, Texas Rangers outfielder, Ruben Sierra and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Eric Davis both belted three home runs a piece. The way the event was handled back then, there was no playoff, and thus Sierra and Davis were both declared the winners.

Sierra was a talented player that was fun to watch. He played his first six and a half seasons with the Rangers before bouncing around with several different clubs. He played parts of three additional seasons for Texas later on in his career as well.

His top home run season was in 1987 when at the age of 21, he crushed 30 dingers. Sierra's best overall season came in 1989, the same year that he won the HR Derby. That season he finished second in the AL MVP race behind Robin Yount and just ahead of Cal Ripken Jr. Sierra was keeping some pretty solid company back in the day.

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