Video of Corey Seager's injury should gravely concern Rangers fans

Texas' superstar was forced to leave their matchup against the Tigers early with an injury.
Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers
Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Fans have to be thinking that the Texas Rangers made some sort of pact with a dark entity to win the World Series last year given all of the injuries they have had to deal with in 2024. However, things had finally started to look up as both Max Scherzer and Jon Gray are making progress in their rehabs and it might actually be possible that by the end of the summer, the Rangers' roster could resemble the one that they hoped to start the season with.

But a small wrinkle in those aspirations popped up on Wednesday. In the second inning of the Rangers' win over the Tigers, Corey Seager pulled up and grabbed his hamstring after hitting a single and was pulled from the game early with what was described as hamstring tightness.

Why can't the Rangers have nice things this year?

Rangers News: Corey Seager pulled from game early with hamstring injury, but hope remains

After the game, both Seager and Rangers manager Bruce Bochy downplayed the severity of Seager's injury. Seager declared that he was fine and that he just felt "a little twinge" and Bochy said that Texas was just being cautious with their superstar ahead of an off day and that there weren't any plans as of this moment for Seager to get an MRI or be placed on the IL.

However, fans should stil keep a close eye on this situation. Not only has Seager been gas over the last month and is an MVP-level talent, but he also missed a lot of time last year with a hamstring injury in the same leg. Given Seager's injury history the last few years as well as the curse that has apparently been placed on the Rangers in 2024, one cannot assume that everything will be just fine here.

Fortunately, the offense didn't need much from Seager on Wednesday as they got a great start from Jose Urena as well as big games at the plate from Josh Smith and Jonah Heim. However, we can probably all agree that Texas really needs this injury news to actually go their way just this one time.

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