What are the most recent no-hitters in Texas Rangers history?

Miami Marlins v Texas Rangers
Miami Marlins v Texas Rangers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Every once in a while during the baseball season, fans are fortunate enough to see a pitcher on their favorite team throw a no-hitter.

A no-hitter is one of the more exciting happenings in the sport and keeps fans and players on the edge of their seats throughout the full nine innings. Unfortunately for Texas Rangers fans, it has been quite some time since they have witnessed one for their team. Even though they've had a few close calls over the years, the team has not been able to complete a no-hitter since Kenny Rogers engraved himself as a Rangers legend when he hurled a perfect game back in 1994. 

Rangers History: Kenny Rogers logged Texas' last no-hitter (and perfect game)

Along  with Rogers, the Rangers have had a total of five no-hitters in franchise history -- two of which came from the no-hit leader himself Nolan Ryan back in the early 90s. The other pitchers responsible for the Rangers no-hitters were Hall of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven in 1977 and former Rangers great Jim Bibby back in 1973.

With five total no-hitters in franchise history, the Rangers fall near the bottom of the list among the rest of the league. This is somewhat expected though since the Rangers are still a relatively new team compared to most others, with their inaugural season in Arlington dating back to only 1972.

Even  though the Rangers have not been able to secure a no-hitter since 1994, they have come close a handful of times over the years. Most recently, in the summer of 2016, veteran pitcher and fan-favorite Colby Lewis was having somewhat of a career resurgence to begin his season, carrying a 2.77 ERA, which was a huge accomplishment for him. His resurgence continued in a day game against Oakland A's when he kept Oakland hitless until the ninth inning when he allowed a double off the bat of future All-Star Max Muncy. This was a massive blow to Rangers fans, especially since 2016 happened to be Lewis' last year in the league, and this was the closest he would come to making history in his MLB career.

Before Lewis, Yu Darvish nearly made it happen when he took a perfect game into the ninth against the Houston Astros in 2013. Darvish was going into his second season with the Rangers and was looking to legitimize himself as one of the most dominant pitchers in the league. He did just that in his first start of the season against the Astros, in a game where he was in complete control on the mound and struck out a remarkable 14 Astros hitters. Darvish took his game to the next level, not allowing the first 26 Astros batters he faced to reach first base, with only one more out to go before he could become only the 24th pitcher in MLB history to pitch a perfect game. If only it wasn't for a young Marwin Gonzalez, who, batting at the bottom of the order at the time, spoiled the perfect game bid after smashing a single up the middle.

Overall, the Rangers are still looking to clinch their first no-hitter in the new millennium. They have the names to get it done -- they just have to get healthy.