What are the odds that Shohei Ohtani "Comes to Texas" and plays for the Texas Rangers

Section 133 made some noise Tuesday night as they pleaded with an Angels superstar to Come to Texas, but what are the chances this actually happens?
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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What would it take for the Texas Rangers to sign Shohei Ohtani?

In the past Texas Rangers ownership kept the purse strings so tight that Texas was not able to play in the high end of free agency. That is no more. Texas the last two off seasons has committed the resources necessary to be able to sign the two best shortstops in free agency in 2021 Marcus Semien and Corey Seager, and the two of the best starting pitchers in 2022 free agency, Jacob deGrom and Nathan Eovaldi.

Ohtani has made it known that he wants to win. He thrives in winning environments. Scoff at the World Baseball Classic all you want, but Ohtani was the motivational leader for Team Japan and he came through both on the mound and at the plate to help Japan win that title over talented teams from Mexico and the United States. I have to believe he will want to go somewhere that he can win right away. He said this to the assembled media during All-Star media day back in Seattle in July.

Texas fits the winning team category to a tee. They currently have the second-best record in the American League, the best run differential in the AL, and all of the best players committed to the team long-term. Texas is set up to win now and for years in the future.

ESPN recently did an article that discussed Shohei Ohtani's true value compared to what he will actually sign for. The amount he is worth and what he realistically signs for will both be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The first number at the low end will start with three and could reach as high as starting with five or six.

Ohtani is the best player in baseball and it will take significant dollars to even be at the table. That has not scared off Texas recently and I do not know why it would now. Financially they will be able to compete with other teams.

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