Where does the blame lie in this collapse by the Texas Rangers?

The bullpen continues to be atrocious as it was the downfall in Monday's game against Houston, but does the blame lie elsewhere say in the manager's office?
Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
Houston Astros v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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There was hope and excitement from the fans early on in Monday's game, but that quickly turned to dejection and depression as the game mercifully came to an end. Houston took game one of this very important series 13-6. The outcome of this game was determined by the bullpens of these two teams. Texas came out on the short end. It was a game much like one we have seen plenty of times this season. Texas took an early, lead, the starter lost the lead, and the bullpen put the game out of reach.

It may be too soon to ask this question but where should the blame lie for this collapse? The easy answer is with the members of the bullpen. The next answer should probably be Chris Young who assembled this embarrassment of a bullpen. I think the next person in line is Bruce Bochy. I do think it is fair to call into question his management of the bullpen, the delay in warming up relievers, and his deployment of the bullpen.

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