Who are the only players in Rangers history with 30 homers and 100 RBI in a season?

Adolis Garcia joined an exclusive club in Rangers' franchise history and Corey Seager isn't far behind him
Sep 12, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN;  Texas Rangers shortstop Corey Seager (5) hits an RBI double
Sep 12, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Texas Rangers shortstop Corey Seager (5) hits an RBI double / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
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Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano's time with the Rangers was short, but he definitely made it count as he was an All-Star and Silver Slugger for both of his seasons with Texas. In 2005, Soriano joined the 30 homer, 100 RBI club with 36 homers and 104 RBI. The very next season after joining the Nationals. he would get his 40/40 season and would go on to hit 30 homers and 100 RBI a couple more times in his career.

Ivan Rodriguez

Surprisingly, Pudge only has one season that qualifies for the list here. In 1999, Rodriguez cracked 35 homers and drove in 113 runs during what was arguably the best season of his career. Pudge was never really a masher as his next higher home run total in his career was 27, but it still was a little surprising to see that he only managed to drive in 100 runs once. Palmeiro and Gonzalez stealing a lot of RBI opportunities probably didn't help the cause there.

Adolis Garcia

As previously mentioned, Adolis Garcia already joined the club this season thanks to hitting 34 homers and driving in 100 runs and counting. It is pretty remarkable how Garcia has blossomed with the Rangers after the Cardinals tossed him away.

Hank Blalock

Next up is Hank Blalock who pulled the trick off in 2004 with 34 home runs and 110 RBI. Blalock had a nice little run with Texas from 2003-2005, but the production started dropping off pretty quickly after that due to injuries. After his persistent shoulder problems and other injuries kept mounting, he ultimately retired after the 2010 seasons.

Larry Parrish

For the final two members, we have to go back to the 1987 Rangers starting with Larry Parrish. Parrish's 1987 season was one of the best of his career thanks to an .811 OPS with 32 homers and 100 RBI. The somewhat nice thing about Parrish's season was that it came in the twilight of his career and allowed him to relive his glory days one last time. By the end of the following season, his career in MLB was over.

Ruben Sierra

Parrish's teammate on that 1987 Rangers team was Ruben Sierra who does not get enough credit for being one of the more feared hitters in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Sierra could just flat out hit, but the only time that he managed to hit 30 home runs in a season was 1987 when he hit exactly 30 homers while driving in 109 runs. Sierra would end up playing for 20 season in his career while bouncing around to a bunch of different organizations.

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