Winter Meetings: 3 reasons behind the Texas Rangers slow news offseason

The front office is gathered together with the rest of the baseball world in Nashville this week. Is this when Texas starts making moves or is this slow offseason what they planned?
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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The Texas Rangers the last two offseasons have been more like the Fast and Furious movies. They struck fast, got out, and left the rest of the baseball world to clean up the mess they caused. It all culminated in a World Series championship a little over one month ago. This offseason has yet to get started. Texas has yet to sign a player who was not already on the roster in 2023. They have not pulled off a trade for anyone. Their offseason has been less Fast and Furious and more Lost in Translation. The Texas front office arrives in Nashville this week for Winter Meetings and to hopefully start telling a different story this offseason.

The Winter Meetings is the annual gathering of front-office executives, coaches, and baseball media. There is a job fair component as well as several meetings that take place concerning the health and well-being of the sport. Over these four days, the Hall of Fame Contemporary Era committee will be announcing the result of their vote. The MLB Draft Lottery will be talking place and the Rule 5 Draft will be done on Wednesday before everyone starts leaving Nashville. In between these official meetings there will be free agent deals signed and trades will be made.

Texas Rangers fans have to be wondering if this is where we see Texas start to make moves? They do have areas of need that West Jones wrote about this last weekend. They are World Series champions, but are they content with that or do they want to improve upon that with another title? I would figure the goal for 2024 is to win the AL West division and dethrone the Astros once and for all. So what is holding them back? I think there are three reasons why Texas is being so slow to move this offseason. Texas is uncertain about the status of their Bally Sports contract, not wanting to be a two-time luxury tax payer, and they do not see a need to sign a high-dollar free agent.