Winter Meetings: 3 reasons behind the Texas Rangers slow news offseason

The front office is gathered together with the rest of the baseball world in Nashville this week. Is this when Texas starts making moves or is this slow offseason what they planned?
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No need to sign a high-priced free agent

Texas could be competitive for the best free agents. Most I am sure would love to come and play for the team that just won the World Series. Lots of players make their offseason home in Texas. The lack of a state income tax also makes playing in the state very attractive for free agents. Chris Young looks at this roster of returning players and likely does not see a need to add major pieces to the team.

The starting lineup for 2024 potentially could see everyone except for Mitch Garver return. If Texas did not do anything Sam Huff would likely be starting in the DH role. Evan Carter would be your Opening Day left fielder. I am sure that at some point in 2024 Wyatt Langford would make his debut for Texas. Texas has the ability to stay content in the lineup and not commit more resources there.

The rotation does have five starters heading into Spring Training. Nathan Eovaldi, Max Scherzer, Jon Gray, Andrew Heaney, and Dane Dunning. They will have Cody Bradford as a depth piece with Owen White and Jack Leiter waiting in the wings at Triple-A Round Rock. Texas I am sure would like to add more depth. Just because Texas will enter Spring Training with five starting pitchers does not mean they will make it to Opening Day with five starting pitchers. Chris Young always says that a team can never have too much pitching.

The bullpen needs more depth, but if they did nothing it would still be a good bullpen. Jose Leclerc as the closer, Josh Sborz setup, Jonathan Hernandez in the 7th, Bradford long relief, Brett Martin and Brock Burke as your left-handed options, Grant Anderson in middle relief. Then they could probably call up someone like Antoine Kelly or Marc Church to give them some depth. There are always non-roster options that are brought to camp that could win jobs as well.

Chris Young sees all that has been built the last three to four seasons and is not content with what Texas has. There is also not a sense of desperation to add pieces to the roster. Texas will have conversations with free agents. They will most likely not participate in bidding wars that go beyond what they are comfortable spending. That is what happens when a team wins a World Series and returns nearly everybody from that roster. The pressure to win is not nearly as high as it was before.

Just remember this time last year Texas was trying to build a roster that could have a winning record and end the six-season stretch of losing seasons. Now, Texas is trying to build a roster that can repeat as World Series champions. The bar has been raised and a new standard has been established. Texas is not just looking to sign players they are looking to sign the right kind of players that can add to the clubhouse culture of winning.

Texas may not have as much money as before due to the Bally Sports situation, and they may be constrained by the luxury tax, but they will still put together a reputable team that will have the ability to repeat as champions.

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