World Champion Texas Rangers unveil special gold jerseys for 2024

Texas Rangers Victory Parade
Texas Rangers Victory Parade / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Putting aside for a moment the absolute disaster of the Fanatics/Nike jersey situation, we should celebrate unadulterated design wins when we can get them. Alternate jerseys usually provoke a wide range of emotions in terms of fan response — just look straight to the City Connect series, which Texas Rangers fans will probably never come to a consensus about any which way — but the Rangers' newest jersey celebrating their World Series victory seems like a clear winner.

The "gold collection" keeps its alterations relatively simple: it maintains the typical Rangers home logo, jersey number, and player name in blue with red trim, but adds a gold layer and a World Series patch on the left sleeve. The cap is also Texas' usual blue, but the 'T' is gold instead of red and white.

These changes are subtle, but sometimes subtlety is favorable to the oftentimes outright maximalism of other alternate jerseys. This version is sleek and elegant while also being the perfect on-field reminder of who opposing teams are dealing with this season.

New Texas Rangers jerseys commemorate first franchise World Series victory

After all of the tiny-lettering, weird-name-placement, and see-through-pants debacles that have taken the baseball world by hilarious storm during the first few months of this year, it's nice to see something be a success devoid of backlash. Are the names on the back still too small? Yes. Are the pants still see-through? Kind of. However, the jersey looks so undeniably good on Adolis Garcia that these things might be just a tad more forgivable. (Even the MLB batterman logo is gold!)

The gold collection jerseys/hats aren't available to purchase online yet, but no doubt they'll fly off virtual shelves when they do hit the MLB shop. Rangers fans can't go wrong rocking these for the 2024 campaign.