World Series: 4 Things the Texas Rangers must do to beat Arizona

The World Series is finally here. Eight months of preparation for this moment. For Texas to achieve its dream of bringing the championship to Arlington they have to do these four things.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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#4 Texas' offense has to be productive against both starting pitchers and relievers

There are a lot of matchup breakdowns throughout the internet about this series currently. People are looking for micro edges each team might have. In my opinion this series will come down to can Texas put runs up against the Diamondbacks pitching staff? In the last two games of the ALCS Texas put a combined 20 runs on the board. Texas has shown the ability to be productive against a variety of pitchers throughout this postseason. Texas has seen every starter Arizona will likely deploy in this series. If Texas averages more than five runs per game Texas will win this series.

The reason why Arizona is here in the first place is the Phillies stopped hitting. They scored on run in game six and two runs in game seven. Arizona will not be able to keep up with a productive Texas lineup. Arizona's hope in this series is that Texas' bats go cold much like the Phillies' bats did. This could be a very short series if Texas gets better production from the top of their lineup. If Semien and Seager are consistently getting on-base it will potentially be a four or five game series.

Texas does need to slow down the running game, corral Corbin Carroll, and play till the final out is recorded. None of that will matter if the offense is putting up a lot of runs. If Texas is doing that then Arizona will be losing these games by a few runs each night.. I think Texas will have some issues at times in this series. The offense favors Texas, the starting pitching matchups favor Texas, and the only advantage Arizona has is in the bullpen. It should be a nice matchup of contrasting styles. The talking is now over and it is time to play ball.

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