World Series: Texas Rangers need Max Scherzer to pivot the series back to Texas

The game 3 start for Max Scherzer could not be any more important for the Texas Rangers as they try to stop the resistance that Arizona is giving to Texas.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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#2 Make adjustments every time through the order

The one constant in these first two games is that Arizona has gotten off to very slow starts in the first three innings. The second time through the order they have been on the attack. The second time through is when the Diamondbacks got to Eovaldi for multiple runs. The second time through the order is when the DIamondbacks got a home run and RBI single off of Montgomery in game two. Max has to be prepared for the second time through for Diamondbacks' hitters to be in swing mode from the time they step into the batters' box.

It will be on Max and Heim to change up their attack plan second and third time through the order. Keep the Arizona hitters' guessing. Max cannot attack these hitters the same way more than once. If anything pitch backwards the second time so that they are not sitting on a fastball first pitch. Use that aggression against them and find a way to get quick outs. It has been amazing to watch the process Arizona's hitters use to get better as the game goes along. They are excellent at finding a way to tack on runs in the middle innings.