World Series: Texas Rangers need Max Scherzer to pivot the series back to Texas

The game 3 start for Max Scherzer could not be any more important for the Texas Rangers as they try to stop the resistance that Arizona is giving to Texas.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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#3 Embrace Arizona's small ball attempts

If Arizona wants to give up outs to move runners let them. Just make quality pitches after the sac bunts to keep those runners from scoring. Montgomery did an excellent job of that in game two when he allowed a leadoff runner in the third. Alek Thomas started with a single and was bunted to second by Evan Longoria. Montgomery made good pitches and got Perdomo to ground out and then Marte to fly out to end the threat.

Max's approach if a leadoff runner gets should be to pump fastballs into the zone and give them the sacrifice bunt. If Max tries to be perfect after that and pitches deep into a count it gives the runner on first more time to try and steal second. At that point a sac bunt then works to move the runner to third and a sac fly scores a run. Give them the sac bunt to second and then strand the runner there. If they are going to make the mistake of giving up an out let them and then pitch your game from that point forward.