Nolan Writin’ Seeks Writers


When I first began writing for this site on November 15 of this year, there had been very little activity on these pages for quite some time. I am proud to say that in less than a month, Nolan Writin’ has really taken off and become one of our fastest-growing sites. In no time at all, we’ve built a solid traffic base and we are looking to continue our growth by adding new staff members.

The Texas Rangers are an exciting club to be sure. Not only do they boast a Major League roster that has taken home back-to-back American League Pennants, but they also possess one of the game’s best farm systems. Couple that with the ever-escalating rivalry with the Angels and their new signees and the excitement over a true Lone Star State rivalry with the Houston Astros and their impending move to the AL West and there is no reason not be be excited about this club.

Given the success of the Rangers and the momentum already built on this site, there is no better time than now to jump on board and voice your opinions on Rangers baseball. We are looking for a site Editor as well as a handful of Staff Writers who will all work together to bring Nolan Writin’ to its rightful place among the elite Rangers blogs.

Whether you have years of online writing experience or are a new writer just starting out, if you have the talent, we at the FanSided Sports Network can and will bring readers to your door.

Interested parties should follow this link and fill out our online application. From there, a member of our management team (probably me) will be in contact with you to answer all of your questions and get you started on the path to success.