My Thoughts On The Relapse


Earlier this week I wrote about Josh and his production and injury history, now I will touch on the other aspect of his amazing life, his addiction problem that has suddenly made an unwelcome appearance this week.

I’d like to start by saying that these are my opinions and should be treated as such, if you disagree with anything I write then feel free to email or comment as you wish.

Now, we all know what happened, and what happened in 2009, and what happened that led to him being banned from baseball for 4 years or so. The man has a problem with addiction and self-control and I feel for him, I really do. As another human being I want to see him succeed in every aspect of his life, including the elusive personal life that most pro-atheletes try their hardest to keep out of the public eye. 99 out of 100 days he is a model citizen, an upstanding member of the baseball and DFW community, and a role model to our youth. Monday was not one of those days.

After reading about what happened, seeing the press conference, and reading the transcript that Stephen posted here earlier this week, I am not impressed. I don’t think he fully understands the seriousness of the situation that he put himself in and what it could mean for his future. His market value is surely to drop dramatically and the number of suitors he might have had after this season will almost positively drop as well.

One thing that does pinch my curiosity though, I also recieved an email about this by the way, is him mentioning during the press conference that one of the reasons he was at dinner alone and in the emotional position he was in was some sort of confrontation with a family member. Now, this could mean a number of things, and I dont feel that I am the right person to be speculating about this, but I do find it odd that an occurence like this with a family member could come in such close proximity with his Father-In-Law denying the position of new accountability partner. The In-Law I speak of rejected the position in order to “spend more time with his family”, which obviously doesn’t include his daughter and addiction rattled son-in-law. I’m sure the man is an amazing person, I just find it odd. Could he have known that something like this was bound to happen, with him around or not? Very curious.

I also am curious why Josh allowed this to be blown up like it was. I understand his problem, as I’m sure he does as well, but I’m not sure this was the correct way to handle things. I think a simple statement of:

“Yes, I had a few drinks. I know I’ve had problems in the past, but I am also an adult in America, I am allowed to have a beer or two.”

would have possibly saved some of the negative press about his addiction. It might have not even possibly hurt his market value as much as it seems it may.

I’m also somewhat tired of hearing about his addiction and him getting a free pass in the eyes of the fans. I am an avid fan of all the support the Texas Ranger orginization has given him throughout his tenure there, but at some point he has to be responsible for his actions, his addiction cannot be responsible anymore.

I’m not sure what affect all of this will have on his game play, or if it will at all, but I hope he has the best year of his career in 2012. I am still a huge Josh Hamilton fan, always will be, so please don’t let my views on the subject take that out of your mind. He is a great ball player and a great person. Things just happen sometimes. Until next time, Go Rangers.