As much as we love our team, and as awesome as they are, there is always room for some improvements.  Thank goodness none of these are super serious, but still important.  A normal off-season might have been spent solving some of these minor problems, but this one was anything but normal.

1) Steady, long-term production from center field.  Don’t get me wrong, the Endy Chavez/Craig Gentry/Josh Hamilton platoon pinwheel worked extremely well, alot better than most people would have thought, but a platoon situation every year does not a problem fix.  The Leonys Martin signing may be the answer to this conundrum, though probably not this year.  Personally, I am a huge Craig Gentry fan.  This guy is so productive on the base paths.  He could be a force at the top of the Rangers batting order.

2) Sign key players to long-term contracts.  Now, I’m not trying to explain which players should be locked up, just that JD should decide which ones to keep and get the contract distraction off of the minds of our star performers.

3) Adequate production from 1st base.  This one is easy.  I’m just going to stick with my “Mitch Moreland is definitely the man” argument.

4) Deciding when to play the small-ball game.  This one falls more on Wash.  Personally, I hate bunting, especially by a non-pitcher.  I think that a roughly 1 in 3 chance of getting a hit with men on is a better move than getting to 2nd base and giving up an out.

If these are the only problems the Rangers have this year then things are going pretty well.  Hopefully they are the only problems that pop up.  Until next time, Go Rangers.