The Rangers Off-Season Award That Means More Than it Says


An interesting turn of events in the last week. Mike Olt was named the Rangers Minor League player of the Year. Here’s my take (and others too).  Olt was better statistically than Profar in several categories but played 31 fewer games (in Frisco) than Jurickson Profar. Profar is rated our #1 prospect and has been on the “don’t even think about it” list for the off-season, in any trade discussions. You could have a very good debate/argument that overall, because of defense and more discipline at the plate. But I believe there was another driving force at work. Olt, did not fare well in very limited time with the big league club and we are looking to raise his value. Viola, Player of the Year. It’s brilliant really. While there has been some interest in Olt this off-season, we haven’t been able to use him as a marquee piece to pick up, say, Justin Upton. No it’s not a enough to make it so, but it can’t hurt. It’s more of a subtle thing really because if I can see this as part of it, so can every GM in baseball. Think of it more as a spotlight shining again on the power hitting third bagger.

Is Mike Olt more valuable after his award?

(photo credit: Bleacher Report)

The off-season is a lot like playing poker.  Sometimes you have to bluff, sometimes you have to call someone’s bluff. I still think the front office is intent on moving Olt and some other pieces if they can land “that” guy. The problem is the poker game. Somebody is going to go all in on Giancarlo Stanton and it’s a question of if it’s now or July when the Marlins think they can get more.

In my last post I was pretty frustrated with how things have gone so far. Not that I think anything was botched, but because of the luck of it all. Signing Lance Berkman provides us so much more than just a first class hitter. He’ll be a great influence in the clubhouse and hopefully teach (through example) all of our hitters a little more patience. We’re still looking for another arm but I know there is still hope in the front office for the big catch. I am not taking anything away from Mike Olt. He was deserving of the award, but when he was named Player of the Year, it was with a bigger idea.