Jerry Jones owes you an apology, Texas Rangers and Jon Daniels does not


Nov 10, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to a game against the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Texas Rangers Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Another Dallas Cowboys season is in the books, and it has ended almost the same has they have for the past 18 years.  Jerry Jones, who is the president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys has now been at the helm for 25 years.   His first order of business when he took over the Cowboys was the firing of Tom Landry, a firing which many fans still to this day have not forgiven him for.

Jerry Jones rules the Cowboys at almost every level.  And after another disappointing season finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs, Jerry owes his fans an apology for keeping their hopes up.

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Many Cowboys fans have simply turned their focus towards the next Texas Rangers season, and they should.  Also, the should probably stop attending games and buying anything Cowboys related.  Instead, save that money for an organization that is heading in the right direction.

Jon Daniels on the other hand doesn’t owe the fans anything for the Texas Rangers loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in game 163.  The biggest difference between Jerry Jones and Jon Daniels, and the Texas Rangers, is that Daniels empowers knowledgeable personal in various positions throughout the organization.  This enables Daniels one, to focus on the needs of the organization, but allows others to do their jobs to win the games.

Jerry Jones on the other hand, is always involved in every part of the game, probably more than we know.  I couldn’t imagine Jon Daniels texting, emailing or messaging Ron Washington line-up cards prior to a game.  Or if he could, going down to the dugout to give pep talks to the players.

Another difference is, Daniels isn’t afraid to hold his staff accountable.  This year, we saw the departure of the Texas Rangers bench coach Jackie Moore and first-base coach Dave Anderson.  Although, it could be argued that those two were let go for other reasons.

But, Washington does have the coaching staff that he wants and needs to help get the team back to the playoffs.  It’s hard to argue that Jason Garrett has that same option.

Now that the Cowboys season is over with another disappointing end, I’m sure Jerry Jones will find someone to lay on the sword again.  Last year it was Rob Ryan, this year it will probably be Monte Kiffin.  But from a general manager who has wasted money and draft picks, it is easier for him to point at others than himself.

I don’t see that in Jon Daniels.  Daniels knows the business and is the general manager for that reason.  Jerry Jones is the general manager simply because he’s the owner and wants full control.

Who would want Ray Davis or Bob Simpson taking over Daniels place at general manager?  No one, and it sounds ridiculous just saying it.  So why do Cowboy fans tolerate it?    You shouldn’t Jerry Jones owes you an apology and his resignation as the GM.

Thank you Texas Rangers, Jon Daniels, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis for not being like Jerry Jones.   You’ve done a great job, keep up the good work, and don’t apologize.