Youth Beats Experience (This Time)


Usually, when you hear that Nick Tepesch (ERA over 9 in his last two starts) is going up against Felix Hernandez (known as King Felix, one of the best pitchers in all of baseball) in Seattle, you think that one should be chalked up to the loss column for the Texas Rangers. Not so last night though. Nick Tepesch impressively went toe to toe with the King last night, and although he didn’t earn the victory, it was a great start for Nick.

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This road trip is a very important one for the Texas Rangers, being that the next eight games are all against AL West opponents and the Texas Rangers currently sit in fourth place in that division. Guys like Nick Tepesch, Rougned Odor, Brad Snyder, Nick Martinez and other are young and under normal circumstances wouldn’t be in the majors right now. But they are in the majors right now, and games like last night show us why sometimes youth can beat experience: raw talent.

The Texas Rangers have a lot of raw talent right now on their roster, and sometimes it is hard to remember that raw talent comes with high highs and low lows. Last night was one of the highs, but of course veteran Adrian Beltre had the big hit to win the game. This team (in my opinion) is fun to watch, even when they are losing, because of the chance to see something special every night. And to think, there are still players like Joey Gallo down in the minors waiting their chance to contribute at the big league level. I know it is easy to write this team off right now, but my suggestion to you: hang in there, because you never know when another impressive game is going to come from these youngsters!