Texas Rangers Brad Snyder Bags First Homer of Career


The Texas Rangers are getting help from everyone right now due to the amount of injuries that they are dealing with. Brad Snyder, called up just about a week ago to take over first base with the Mitch Moreland news, is no exception.

Brad Snyder hit the first major league home run of his career against the Mariners on Sunday, and it should be the first of many. The impressive thing is that he took Hisashi Iwakuma deep, a guy that shut the rest of the Texas Rangers down for 8 innings on his way to a 5-1 victory.

Brad Snyder has hit 185 home runs at the AAA level of play for various teams, in 2765 at bats. That means at the AAA level Snyder has hit a home run about every 15 at bats in AAA ball. Guess what? Brad Snyder has had 14 at bats with the Texas Rangers, and he has 1 home run.

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Obviously this is a very small sample at the major league level, but so far his 1 home run every 15 at bats is holding up in the majors (I wouldn’t quite call it a trend yet though). Brad Snyder is a power guy for sure, but he also hit for average at the AAA level, having a career batting average of .288 at the AAA level. Right now his average with the Texas Rangers is .214, but I have a feeling he will get hot and raise that.

Brad Snyder is just another in a long list of people the Texas Rangers have called up this season, but I feel like he will be a good addition before it is all said and done.

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