Interview with 3rd round draft pick Josh Morgan


The Texas Rangers in the 2014 First-year Draft selected in the 3rd round Josh Morgan from Orange (Calif) Lutheran.   Shortly after the draft I was able to talk to Josh a few minutes on the phone about being drafted.

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A little about Josh Morgan:

  • Position: Shortstop/Third base
  • DOB: 11/16/1995 – 18 years old
  • Throws and bats right handed
  • UCLA – College

Here is the conversion I had with Josh Morgan.

David Cash (Nolan Writin):  First of all congratulations on being drafted by the Texas Rangers.  What was it like for you on draft day?

Josh Morgan:  Draft day was crazy, I was sitting there on the second day on Friday expecting my name being called and the Texas Rangers did. I couldn’t ask for a better team and better ball club to select my name.  I was super excited, I had family over, my mom and dad went crazy.  Being selected by the Rangers was such a blessing.  I’ve already started the hard work in Arizona, it’s been good

DC:  How did you find out about the draft, there’s not a lot of ceremony like the NFL.  Were you sitting around a phone waiting for a call?  What was it like?

JM: The Rangers called before the draft started , they called me around 7:30 in the morning they asked if I would sign.  I said yes, of course I’d sign and I’m really excited.  But, just because they call you doesn’t mean they’d pick you.  Just waiting for the Rangers 95th pick to come up and it came up they said my name and I got super excited and my family went crazy.  It’s been a fun ride and I can actually wait to get started.

DC: I would imagine it has been very fun, what are your first steps?  You said earlier you have traveled to Arizona and you are doing some things out there, is that correct?

JM: Yes, well actually Friday I got drafted and that next Sunday me and two other guys Tiquan Forbes second round pick and Brett Martin 4th round pick.  We all went to Dallas and we got to sign our contracts there.  Showed us a very good time and a little taste what it takes to get to the major league level.  It was all very fun can wait to get up

DC: Did you get a chance to meet some of the current players?

JM:  Yes we met some of the current players, and we met with Ron Washington.  I just love watching him on TV.  He’s got a lot of energy, he’s the greatest manager in baseball today.  It’s fun to meet those guys and to meet the manager and to really talk with them to see what it takes to get where they are at today.  Hard work and dedication, and everything.  They told us what it takes, it was a really great experience.

DC: Talking about Ron Washington and some of the other player, looking back to your childhood who were some of you favorite players, either Rangers or overall?

JM: I have a couple of favorite players actually,I love Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre.  Growing up probably Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano so those four guys are at the top.  Those are who I try to model my game after.

DC: I agreed, those are some great models have Cano and Jeter.  Even though they are Yankees, I have a lot of respect of Jeter and Cano.  Even if you don’t like the Yankees you still have to like Derek Jeter.

JM: Yeah you still have to like Jeter, I feel like he’s the face of baseball right now.  He”s a great role model for all kids every where baseball or not.  He’s a great guy on an off the field.  He’s a great guy over all.

DC: Was this your first trip to the ball park in Arlington.

JM: Yes, I’ve only been to Texas one other time.  This was my first trip to the ball park.  I was kind of in awe.  I’ve been to the Angels and Dodgers stadium.  The ball park in Arlington is so big and so great.   It is the nicest ball park in the majors today.  I’ve very excited what everything has to bring.

DC: What are you next steps on getting to the majors?

JM: That not up to me, that’s up to the ball club.  I’m going to up there very single day and give it my all and work hard.  I’m not going to take a play off or day off.  Just try to advance to the next level each and every day by hard work and dedication.  A lot of work and a lot of extra work.  If they want to move me up that day or not I’m going to work as hard as I can.

My thoughts on Josh Morgan:

He has an excellent work ethic and if he continues to succeed like he has he’ll have no problem working his way to the majors.  He’s a very talented player who is very fast on the bases and has one of the quickest releases on the ball.  To complement his talent he’s also very smart.  He’s  able to read situtations on the base path to make the best steal attempts and he’s able to use his quick release for outs on defense.  Keep an eye out on this guy, lots of exciting things to come.

Watch the MLB Pre-Draft Video of Josh Morgan