The Return of Carlos Pena


Last night the Texas Rangers played yet another first baseman, but this time it was Carlos Pena, a man who has experience in that position. Carlos Pena has bounced around from team to team since leaving the Rays after the 2012 season. Pena was brought in for two reasons: Leadership and experience. Carlos Pena has played first base his entire 14 year career, and that is something that the Texas Rangers need right now. Even if Pena does not bring the bat that he used to bring to the ballpark, he should bring the defense and that is what the Texas Rangers are hoping for.

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Carlos Pena has a career .994 fielding percentage (baseball reference). That is something that any team would need at the first base side of the diamond. Pena in his prime could really bash the baseball as well, having season of 46, 31 and 39 homers with the Rays. Carlos Pena also brings leadership. He has been in the majors for 14 seasons, he is, by all accounts I have read, a good guy and a guy that will not mind helping the younger guys develop. The Rangers need that right now as well.

So will Pena, who was 0-4 last night, turn this team around? No, but the Texas Rangers are probably not looking to turn around at this point, they are looking to develop the young talent that is playing everyday in the majors, and I believe that Carlos Pena is a good choice for that. I look for the Texas Rangers defense to get better now that Carlos Pena is back in the fold. If the defense gets better, then I believe that the team will get better, and that is something that they desperately need right now.