Carlos Pena Hits A Rare Texas Rangers Longball


Carlos Pena of the Texas Rangers hit his first home run since joining the club, and the ball was caught by something that doesn’t catch a lot of home run balls: brisket  (see the video here). The Texas Rangers offense (other than Adrian Beltre) is just awful at the moment, and it is most definitely the worst they have had in a long time. The Rangers are below the league average in runs per games, runs, doubles, RBI, slugging percentage, second to last in home runs, and third to last in stolen bases. They also lead the league in caught stealing with 31.

This is not your daddy’s Texas Rangers anymore, the team that could out slug anyone in the league. This team can pitch though, right? Wrong. The Texas Rangers are last in the American League in ERA at 4.62, third to last in saves, they have given up the most hits by 49, given up the most runs and the most earned runs, given up the third most home runs and walked the fifth most people. Besides Yu Darvish and his 2.62 ERA, no other starter is below 4.00. So, last in offense and last in defense means that you would have a record somewhere around, oh, lets say 35-42.

This team appears to be playing hard for Ron Washington, they just don’t have the talent or experience to win against actual major league teams. It’s okay, I have made peace with that, because I believe that guys like Nick Martinez, Rougned Odor, Michael Choice, Nick Tepesch and Luis Sardinas are getting some good major league experience,

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and I believe that the Texas Rangers will not be down for long. Just remember that the Texas Rangers had a decade of bad baseball before making a run to back to back World Series. I remember going to games in August and September where there were only 12,000 fans in attendance.

So what is my point? My point is we should stick with this team. They are not destined for another decade of bad baseball, they are having an injury plagued year of bad baseball. The future is still bright for the Texas Rangers, and I am very much looking forward to it, even if I have to “suffer” through the 2014 season. Lets Go Rangers!