For Texas Rangers, Eight is Enough


The Texas Rangers have gone through some dry spells in the career of their franchise, they have had streaks where they lost 10 out of 11, 15 out of 17, and so on. But they have not gone through an eight game losing streak since before Ron Washington was the manager, and I for one think eight is enough!

When you cover a team or love a team, you are going to watch it no matter what. When your team is playing hard but just not able to get into the win column, it is also tough, and that is where the Rangers are right now. I believe that the players on the field are giving maximum effort, it is just that a majority of the players on the field right now should be taking their talents to Frisco and Round Rock, not Arlington.

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There is a reason Carlos Pena wasn’t with a major league team before the Texas Rangers picked him up, same with Joe Saunders, and it is becoming painfully obvious that Colby Lewis is just not the same guy that he was before all the surgeries. Nick Martinez and Nick Tepesch are young and therefore inconsistent, and even Yu Darvish is not pitching up to what he should be.

As frustration mounts around Rangers nation, we all have to remember just how many injuries or brain cases that this team has.


Neftali Feliz – can’t seem to come back from Tommy John Surgery, although I hear he is finally close

Robbie Ross – Lost confidence, hopefully he can re-find it in Round Rock.

Tanner Scheppers – injured twice so far this season, on the DL

Matt Harrison – possibly done for his career.

Derek Holland – Still recovering from a broken knee, not back until after the All Star break.

Martin PerezTommy John Surgery, out for a year.

Alexi Ogando – 15 day DL, not effective when he was in Arlington.


Prince Fielder – joins Texas Rangers, misses most of the season due to neck surgery.

Mitch Moreland – Ankle surgery, will miss the rest of the season.

Jim Adduci – almost back, on the DL.

Geovany Soto – out for the whole season so far after being named the Texas Rangers starting catcher.

Jurickson Profar – Out for the whole season after being named the starter.

Kevin Kouzmanoff – was having a great season, went down and is now on the DL

Engel Beltre – was fighting with Michael Choice to be the fourth outfielder, wound up on the DL.

I keep hearing that it is time to trade-off all of the veterans on this team and re-build this team through trades. My advice to those people is to hold up! The Texas Rangers have one good starter right now, it’s true, but they have three more quality starters (at least) on the disabled list, and they have an All-Star first baseman on the disabled list as well as other great role players, most of them veterans. So it is time (in my humble opinion) to stop the “sell off the team” talk. Let the Texas Rangers get healthy, then we can see what happens.

Until then, try to enjoy the young team as they feel their way through a tough season. That is what I am going to do, and I would like you to jump off the panic bandwagon and join me.