Joakim Soria, Rangers Can’t Continue Streak


Joakim Soria came into last night’s Rangers game with one goal in mind: keep the streak alive. The Rangers were on a historic run of eight in a row, and Nick Tepesch did his best to end that streak, pitching 7.1 innings of shut out baseball. “I knew it was going to be tough since Tep kept them off the scoreboard” Soria didn’t say after the game. “I had a tough job to do, giving up 5 runs with just 3 outs to work with. I felt like I was up to the challenge, but I was wrong.”

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Joakim Soria was wrong, as he didn’t say in the fake quote above. After giving up the first few runs, he got an out. Then he allowed two more runs on a 2 RBI triple. The score went from 5-0 to 5-4, just like that. With only one out and a man on third, it seemed like it was going to be easy to keep the streak alive, but something went wrong. The Rangers nailed down the next two outs and the game was over. If Tepesch could have just allowed one run, the game would have had a chance to be lost, but Tepesch just couldn’t do it, and the streak was over.

Okay, so maybe this post is a little sarcastic, but the Rangers and Joakim Soria sure made that game interesting last night. I am glad to see that the Texas Rangers were able to pull it out in the end, but sometimes watching this team feels like what I wrote. All we can hope for now is that last night will be the start of a new streak, and that Rangers fans can get used to winning again, instead of always expecting the worst.