3 reasons the Texas Rangers won’t win the Silver Boot Series


For the Texas Rangers the 2014 season is basically lost and possibly the Silver Boot Series.  They are too far behind the Athletics for anyone to notice.  At this point even winning a game now is a challenge.  They are currently only 1-6 for the month of July and there are no signs that will improve.

Rangers own the Boot: The Silver Boot Series, also known as the Lone Star Series, has been a Texas Tradition since 2001.  The Rangers have dominated the Astros since the beginning and have not lost the series to them since 2006.

Jul 7, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; The Silver Boot trophy is on display on the concourse for the Lone Star series with the Texas Rangers playinng against the Houston Astros at Global Life Park in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

But, this year it seems very doubtful the Silver Boot will remain in Arlington.   Even though both teams are battling it out for 4th place right now in the American League West, it seems right now that the Houston Astros are the better team.

Guts and fight:  It seems like the Houston Astros are the team that just simply wants it more.   The last time the Astros had a season with less than a 100 losses was back in 2010 and the last time they had a winning season was in 2008.  For them winning the Silver Boot Series would finally be a step in the right direction.  They will finally over come the repeated beating the Texas Rangers have delivered to them year after year.  And if they are able to beat up on the Texas Rangers this season, that could also mean a season without 100 losses.  It could also mean that they help hand the Texas Rangers a 100 loss season.

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Injury bug: The Texas Rangers have used the disabled list 20 times this season.  It hard for any team to recover from that many injuries and still be a playoff contender.  Each time I think about the number of injuries I wonder how that many players could have possibly been hurt.  Some reason Ron Burgundy comes to mind.  Did Jon Daniels put the team bus on cruise control?

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No, the injuries are not Jon Daniels’ fault.  It’s hard to foresee an injury with a dog, motorcycle, bed, and other odd injuries.  All Daniels can do is try is best to manage the damage and find players to call up.  No matter how many guys Daniels bring up it is hard to replace Matt Harrison, Martin Perez, Prince Fielder and other star caliber players they have lost this season.  That is another reason why the Rangers probably won’t win the Silver Boot Series.

Just a bit Outside: If this season is ever made in to a movie, then Harry Doyle has to be cast as the radio announcer.

"“Ball 4, ball 8, low and Vaughn has walked the bases loaded on 12 pitches.” – Harry Doyle."

Between some bad defense, offense and pitching, this is looking like a tough season for the Texas Rangers.  Instead of the Rangers battling it out for the number one spot in the division, they are battling it out to stay out of last place.   It’s not because they have bad players, it’s because they have young players who are still developing.  Players like Rougned Odor, Luis Sardinas, Nick Martinez and several other rookies are still learning the ropes.  Also, in my opinion, they are still trying to learn each other.  The team has been in constant flux all season.  For example, they have used 7 different players at first base.  It has to be difficult to field when the player next to you is constantly changing.   They have too many new pieces in the changing this season.  Overall, the offense, defense and even pitching isn’t nearly as good as the Houston Astros this year.

The Rangers might be able to pull off winning the Silver Boot Series, but it seems like this year the Houston Astros have the upper hand.  One huge advantage the Texas Rangers have is Yu Darvish, but Marwin Gonzalez will continue to be his Kryptonite.