Your Last Place Texas Rangers


The young, inexperienced Texas Rangers now have the last place spot in the American League West all to themselves after being swept at home by the Astros. Right now, they just don’t look good enough to beat everybody, and unfortunately that included Yu Darvish. The Texas Rangers ace gave up 6 runs in as many innings. He just does not look like himself right now.

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The Texas Rangers are in a horrible downward spiral, one that I am no longer sure they can pull out of. We have differing opinions here on this site on whether the Texas Rangers should sell or not sell. You should check out both articles. The pluses from tonight include Jake Smolinski having a great night and, well, no, that’s pretty much it.

I still love my last place Texas Rangers, and I think it’s funny how spoiled we have all become since 2010 watching there Texas Rangers be competitive over the last 4 years. 2015 will be a new season and you would hope it will also be a healthy season for the Texas Rangers. I believe that the Texas Rangers are where they are going to finish the season now, in last. The Astros are young and on the rise, the Rangers are injured and at the bottom. The Angels come into town next, and then it is the much needed All-Star break. I hope the Texas Rangers players come back from that break refreshed and ready to once again compete.