Why the Rangers Shouldn’t Be Sellers


I am getting a lot of comments and questions asking me my opinion on whether the Rangers should sell off everyone and start over at the trade deadline. While that seems like a popular thing amongst Rangers fans, I am not ready to be on that bandwagon just yet. I am also not ready to be on the bandwagon that some of the Dallas pundits are on, the “this is all JD’s fault and he should be fired immediately” bandwagon. Was I happy with the Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler trade when it happened? No. Was I happy with the amount and years of the Shon-Soo Choo contract? No. But I believe that this team would be totally different if they had not used the DL over 20+ times this season already.

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Many people are saying that the people on the DL would not make that big of a difference. If healthy, Fielder is a much, much better first baseman than Carlos Pena. But most of the problems come in the form of Rangers  pitching. If everyone is healthy coming into spring training, Robbie Ross and Tanner Scheppers are still in the bull pen and so if Neftali Feliz. Then there is the rotation: No Derek Holland, no Martin Perez, no Matt Harrison, no Alexi Ogando. Four guys that would have been in the rotation. This team was projected by some to be a contender this season at the start of the season.  See here.

This season has been disappointing to be sure, but lets be honest: this team is not rock bottom when healthy, they could compete in my opinion. So let’s not overreact and get rid of everyone to start over, because it’s not time to do that in my opinion. What do you think?