A.J. Pierzynski DFA’d


A.J. Pierzynski left the Texas Rangers after last season to join the Boston Red Sox and take the place of former Texas Rangers catcher Jarrod Saltamacchia. Pierzynski has a bit of a reputation, that of being hard to get along with and kind of a aggressive personality. I don’t know if that is what led to his dismissal or if it was just his .254/.286/.348 line with 4 home runs a 34 RBI in 72 games, but the Sox decided to move on from him, much like the Texas Rangers did last season.

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A.J. Pierzynski, a career .286 hitter, is most assuredly having a down year according to his standards, and it will be interesting to see if anyone picks him up and how long it takes for that to happen. I know the rumors last season is that he did not get along will all of his teammates, and particularly that Yu Darvish and Pierzynski did not see eye to eye when working together. Sometimes when you play the way Pierzynski does, you don’t make a lot of friends around the league.

I think that Pierzynski will get another job, and probably pretty rapidly. He could help a team coming off the bench if he can get it back together. I can tell you one team that will not be going for him, however, and that is the Texas Rangers. That is one position where they are actually doing better this season then they did in 2013.