Rangers Call Up Ryan Feierabend


The Texas Rangers still don’t know who their starter is going to be tomorrow, and now there is one more name in the mix according to T.R. Sullivan: Ryan Feierabend. Ryan has had 19 starts at Round Rock this season, and he has a record of 8-5 with a 4.54 ERA, a 1.35 whip with 67 strikeouts and 26 walks. Ryan Feierabend and Scott Baker are the two main candidates for the starting nod tomorrow, the last game before the All-Star break.

My personal belief is that we have already seen what Scott Baker can do, leave him in the bull pen as the long man in case Ryan Feierabend does not do well in his start. That is what I would do anyway. I know that 4.54 does not seem like a very good ERA, but this is the year to test all of these guys out and see what they are made of at the majr league level.

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The 28-year-old has started 19 games at the major league level, all with the Mariners, and he has a record of 2-11 with a 7.22 ERA during those three seasons from 2006-2008. The Texas Rangers may as well see what they have in Ryan Feierabend and let him go at the Angels tomorrow night. It’s not like he could be any worse than what we have seen over the last three weeks or so, and he may just surprise us and be better than expected. Either way, let the kid pitch!