What to Expect From Derek Holland


Derek Holland will be returning to the Texas Rangers rotation at some point in the second half of the season, and that will be a good thing in my opinion. It will give Derek a chance to get back to full strength going into this off-season so he is ready for 2015. So what should Texas Rangers fans expect from Derek Holland as he makes his way back?

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He is not going to be a 10 game winner. Don’t expect Derek Holland to come out and have good win/loss record. It is more important that he rehab than that he wins a ton of starts. We want to see Derek healthy and at full strength by the end of the season, not re-injured.

He will not go deep into games at first. I expect Derek Holland to go 4-5 innings in his first three to five starts back. Why risk him? Let him get back into the major league mindset without taxing that knee too much and then wait and see how he feels the next day. The Texas Rangers are not going to overwork Derek Holland at all.

He will be rusty. I expect him to get hit hard at first. It has been a long time since Derek Holland has pitched in the majors, we can’t expect him to come into his first start (whenever that will be) and hurl a complete game shutout. He will take some time to readjust to pitching at the major league level.

He will have fun. This season has not been very fun to watch, and maybe a little infusion of Derek Holland is just what this team needs to be loose again. Derek has always kept it lose in the dugout, and I hope that he continues that trend while he is making his way back to the majors.

I expect Derek Holland to be back to his old self on the mound by the end of the season, and that will put him exactly where I hope to see him going into the off-season.