Support May be Key to Rangers Second Half


I can remember going to Rangers games in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and just how loud it was in the ballpark. I remember watching my team go to back to back World Series and make it to the post season three years in a row, and I can remember hearing again and again how the crowd really fed the players desire to do their best. I remember the electric atmosphere that was in the ballpark during those runs.

Now I know that there is really nothing that can be done about fair weather fans, fans that only come around when the team is winning, but I believe that there are enough of us that are not fair weather fans. I believe that those of us who are not fair weather fans need to make it a point to pack out the ballpark in the second half of the baseball season and make some noise for our Texas Rangers. Players like Rougned Odor, Nick Tepesch, Robinson Chirinos, Chris Gimenez, Miles Mikolas, Alex Rios and others have never had the experience of that loud, proud Texas Rangers fan base.

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I know that it is a very disappointing season for Rangers fans, I get it, but that doesn’t mean that we as fans should just throw in the towel and let our team go by the wayside with 12-15,000 fans a night when they are at home. Lets rally around this team and show them that Arlington really is a baseball town! I think we owe a team that has given us almost everything the we as a fan base has asked for over the past 4 season that much!

So cheer loud and cheer proud, get your tickets and show up to games, let your team know that you are still out there and you are still a Texas Rangers fans, despite a down season. Let your voice be heard, let it ring out loudly proclaiming that you are most assuredly still a fan of the Rangers, and no down year is going to stop you from going to the ballpark and screaming your head off and being heard! That’s my opinion, what’s yours?