What was Jon Daniels thinking bringing up J.P. Arencibia?


The Texas Rangers announced that they have recalled catcher J.P. Arencibia from the Round Rock Express (AAA) today.  To bring up Arencibia they had to designate Carlos Pena for assignment to make room.

Also, today they have taken Geovany Soto off of the disabled list.  He took the spot that was freed up when the Rangers traded RHP Jason Frasor to the Kansas City Royals.

Now, the Texas Rangers don’t have an first baseman and have 4 catchers.  That’s right, four catchers.  They currently have on their 25-man roster Geovany Soto, Robinson Chirinos, J.P. Arencibia and Chris Gimenez.

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People right now are definitely scratching there heads wondering why Jon Daniels made this move.  With the departure of Pena from the club, they need someone to play first base.  They have announced that Arencibia will get some time at first base.  This move does surprise me, mainly because Chris Gimenez has been playing well and doing well at first base.

Credit should be given to Arencibia.  Yes, he was horrible while he was with the Rangers earlier in the season.  He has an awful bat and even his catching was suspect at time.  He did have his up moments and Yu Darvish did trust him.

For the Rangers, over 20 games/ 60 at-bats Arencibia had a lowly .133 batting average and on-base percentage of .182.  For a long time he was below .100 an was on pace to have it named the Arencibia line. But, he’s worked very hard while with the Round Rock Express.  So if you’re wondering why Jon Daniels brought him back up, that’s why.  Give credit where credit is do.  With the Express over 48 games/190 at-bats he has a batting line of .279/.320/.542/.862.

What should strike you as amazing is his on-base percentage.  He finally learned to walk! Also, while with the Express he has been getting plenty of work at first base.  With his combined improvement in defense and offenese, Arencibia has earned his way back to the majors.  It’s hard work, and the motto in the minors pretty much “If you don’t like where you are, the play better”.  And that’s exactly what he did.

There is no telling how bringing to the majors again will translate, but Arencibia will give it his best.  Hopefully that is enough.  Did   What was Daniels thinking?  He was probably thinking the Rangers need a first baseman and thought Arencibia had earned his way back.

Also, with the way Chirinos as been catching, it didn’t make much since for them to move him. Also, this now gives the Rangers 2 first baseman, because Gimenez can also play at first and catch when needed.

Jon Daniels do the right thing?  Only time will tell at this point.  If he can do what he did with the Express, then the answer will be an easy yes.