Will These Texas Rangers Return?


The Texas Rangers have some free agents going into the 2015 season, and I thought I would look and see if I think they plan on bringing any of them back into the fold for next season. Some of them are going to be pretty obvious, some of them not. Here is the list:

Geovany Soto – Soto just made his 2014 debut after the all star break, and he looked alright. The important thing with Soto thought is that Yu Darvish looked great with Soto behind the mound. The Texas Rangers will have to consider keeping Soto just because he and Darvish seem to have some sort of special connection together, even with the bust for marijuana that Soto went through a few weeks ago.

Neal Cotts – I think the Texas Rangers got one good year out of Neal Cotts, and this season has been okay, but not great. I don’t have any faith at all that Neal will be back with the Texas Rangers for the 2015 season, if he is not traded before the trade deadline/

J.P Arencibia – No. The Texas Rangers have to be less than happy with what they have gotten from Arencibia this season. I don’t see any way they bring him back.

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Colby Lewis – The Texas Rangers need to let Colby ride out into the sunset simply because he is the Texas Rangers best all time post season pitcher and the first pitcher to win a World Series game. And his comeback after hip surgery has been unprecedented and impressive, but it is obvious that there is just not a lot left in the tank.

Scott BakerScott Baker might be a good long man or spot starter for the Texas Rangers again next season, but I would not be surprised to see them go a different direction in 2015. I am on the fence on whether Baker gets another contract or not with the Texas Rangers.

Adam Rosales – Rosales bounced around from the A’s to the Texas Rangers several times last season, finally landing with the Rangers. He did not even make the club out of spring training, and I don’t think the Texas Rangers will hang onto him after this season.

I also think that Joakim Soria and Alex Rios will not make it through the 2014 season as Texas Rangers, they will either be during the season or not brought back next season. Looks like the Texas Rangers will have a large quantity of positions to fill for the 2015 season.