Texas Rangers Trade Joakim Soria


As predicted earlier right here on NolanWritin, the Texas Rangers have traded Joakim Soria to the Detroit Tigers for right handed pitchers Jake Thompson and Corey Knobel.

Joakim Soria will most likely be the Tigers closer going forward, seeing how badly Joe Nathan has been performing this season. The Texas Rangers will go forward without a proven closer for the remainder of this season, but they really have not had a lot of need for a closer these days.

I talked a little bit earlier today in my post about Jake Thompson, and Knobel is also a right handed guy. The Texas Rangers have now traded away two pieces, and I personally do not believe that they are done with the trades yet.

I still think that Neal Cotts, Alex Rios and maybe even Luis Sardinas or someone else could be on the move before the trade deadline is over. But for now it is Joakim Soria time in Detroit. We all here in Texas wish him well, he did a great job while he was here.

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