The Ranger Report Podcast: Have You Listened?


We don’t spend a ton of time promoting this, but we have a podcast right here on Nolan Writin’ called The Ranger Report Podcast that we do each and every Sunday night at 9 pm Texas time. David Cash and myself mainly host the podcast, and we try and get the other writers here involved as well. You can click on The Ranger Report Podcast tab to listen to any of our 20 episodes that we have recorded so far.

While we are not professional broadcasters, I feel like we do a good job covering the Texas Rangers. I encourage you to listen to it and tell a friend to help us spread the word about the show. We have had Jeff Wilson, Drew Davidson (Ft Worth Star Telegram), Anthony Andro (Fox Sports Southwest), Brett Nicholas (Texas Rangers prospect at Round Rock), and several of the Texas Rangers 2014 draft picks. We try to not only bring you our perspective, but also the perspective of the guys that do this for a living.

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We also integrate other FanSided sites and their editors while previewing the upcoming series for each week, and tonight we will have Billy Brost of Yanks Go Yard and Brian Heise of Wahoo’s on First to preview the two upcoming series between the Texas Rangers and Yankees and the Rangers and Indians. We also have a call in number that you are more than welcome to join us and talk some Texas Rangers! Like I mentioned, the show usually goes from 9 pm to around 9:45 pm every Sunday night, so feel free to call in and bug us about the Texas Rangers.

The show is something we all enjoy, and we hope that you enjoy it as well. You can listen right here on Nolan Writin’, you can listen on Spreaker or the Spreaker app where we host the podcast or you can now download us on iTunes and listen anywhere or anytime! No matter how you chose to listen, we hope you enjoy The Ranger Report Podcast and share it with your friends!