Jon Daniels: Update on the disabled list


After the trade deadlines passed yesterday Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels spoke to the media.   During the press conference he talked about them not making any moves, but also discussed several of the players currently on the disabled list.

Not my Kouzie! – There have been several names on the disabled list that many had expected to return this season.  New fan favorite Kevin Kouzmanoff was expected to return sometime this month, but Daniels said there has been a setback with his back which required an additional surgery.  He’ll be out for the remainder for season.   That’s tough news for Kouzmanoff who was named player of the week while he was filling in for third baseman Adrian Beltre.  It appeared he was going to be on the major league roster for a while, but with this setback it doesn’t appear he’ll be on the 25-man roster again anytime soon.  

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Ogando is Oh Gone doh – Also, Alexi Ogando was will not return this season.  He was once an excellent pitcher, but he appears to be another victim of the yo-yo effect of being a reliever and starter.  He’s tried several times to make the move during his career, but each time he’s been sidelined.  He’s on the disabled list due to elbow inflammation.  The good news is he won’t need surgery.

Scheppers blame it on last season: Tanner Scheppers is in the same situation that Ogando is in.  He’s also suffering from elbow inflammation which he said starting bothering him near the end of the 2013 season.  If and when he returns, the Texas Rangers should consider placing him back in the bullpen.  There he was consistent and a valuable asset.

Who’s on second?: That’s probably not a question that Jurickon Profar likes to answer these days.  Before spring training started it was easy to answer and say Profar.  Withi his absence it has allowed Rougned Odor to have plenty of playing time to prove himself as a major league second baseman.   Odor has done very well in the majors so far and when it comes time to compare Profar and Odor, right not it appears Odor edge out Profar.  Odor has done better at second base and at the plate this season than Profar did last year.  That means it seems likely that Jurickson Profar will start next season in the minors.

This isn’t a huge blow to this team since they are already 20 plus games out of the American League West and there are no hopes for them to reach the playoffs.  The good news is that those 4 players should be ready to go next season.  But, it seems likely that only Alexi Ogando and Tanners Scheppers will be on the 25-man roster to start the 2015 season.